About Butane Co.

In 1953 Mahmoud and Mohsen Khalili established the first LPG distribution company in Iran. In 1954, Butane Company succeeded to prevent the flaring of LPG at Abadan Refinery and introduced this valuable fuel to the Iranian society. Very quickly this source of clean energy found its place in the Iranian market. Since Butane Company was the pioneer of the LPG industry in Iran, it has played a major role in developing the industry’s standards and regulations. Today 55 plants and more than 1000 representatives are providing 423,000 tons of LPG to 2.5 million consumers in the domestic, industrial, commercial and service sectors of the country in the form of 2, 11, 50 Kg. LPG cylinders and bulk.


Million consumers in the domestic


thousand tons of LPG per year


Representation All over iran

The Founder

70 years of distributing LPG

Development of industrial and entrepreneurial culture and creation of 30,000 job opportunities in the country

Development of liquefied gas industry with the most prestigious global standards and self-reliance in all areas

Gas supply to more than 5.9 million households

Annual savings of $ 500 million in the country

  • Creating the necessary infrastructure and contributing to the culture of natural gas consumption
  • Contributing to the regulation of the consumption of petroleum products between distillations
  • Development and promotion of standards for all activities in the liquefied gas industry
  • Preventing firewood burning, deforestation and contributing to the environmental preservation
  • Increasing the welfare of Iranian households, especially increasing the leisure time of Iranian women
  • Help replacing liquefied petroleum gas with Kerosene and reducing the government’s burden on its distribution
  • Creating 800 million rials of added value annually in the liquefied gas industry and gas appliances
  • Creating a new model in management for the country’s industrial enterprises

Butane Company Today

Today Butane Company delivers and distributes LPG as a clean energy to its customers around the country. Based on demand 2, 11 and 50 Kg. cylinders are provided for domestic and industrial use while large consumers such as companies, factories, hotels, and hospitals are served in bulk form.


In total, Each year 32,600,000 11 Kg. cylinders are distributed to our customers.

Market share

Butane Company holds 21% of the LPG market share in the country.

Bulk and Cylinders

This is equal to 423,000 tons of LPG per year. 64,000 tons of this amount is provided in bulk and 359,000 tons by cylinders.

Company facilities

Main plants of Butane Company are located in 20 major and sub-plants in 35 minor cities. Totally, they have a storage capacity of 6700 tons. Our transportation network consists of 91 railroad tank cars, 83 trucks, more than 1000 representatives, which provide services to 2.5 million customers around the country.

LPG distribution services are provided everyday except Fridays, the first day of Iranian new year (March 20th), Thirteen of Farvardin (April 1st), and religious holidays of Ashora and Feter.

Social Contribution

Since Butane Company’s vision is highly focused on safety and quality as well as improvement of productivity, new management systems have always been under consideration. With this target in mind, Butane Company has been constantly active in associations such as:

Iranian Society of HRM
The Council of Gas Industries & Household Appliances
Industrial Managers Association
Iranian Guild Society of LPG Distributors Employers
Steering Committee of Iranian National Productivity and Business Excellence Awards
Association For Holders of Iran Standards Mark
Confederation of Iranian Employers
انجمن کیفیت ایران
Quality Management Society of Iran
کنفدراسیون صنعت ایران
Confederation of Iranian Industry
  • Vision

    Butane Company is highly active in spreading the usage of gas burner equipment’s culture, active presence in international market, variant different activities, consistent improvement of quality and efficiency, acquiring customers’ satisfaction and other beneficiary groups in order to achieve the highest level of leadership, quality, technology and qualified work forces. Contributing in development, creating added value, raising general quality of life and protecting the environment and natural resources among domestic private companies active in the field of LPG and other clean energies.

  • Mission

    Providing LPG and other clean energies to domestic consumers by using updated worldwide technology and professional standards direct to national benefits.

Participation in development

  • Creating added value
  • Improving the standard of living of the public
  • Preservation of natural resources in the environment


  • Contributing to the culture of consumption of gas-burning equipment in the country
  • Active presence in international markets
  • Diversifying our activities
  • Continuous improvement of quality and productivity
  • Satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders

Our values inform every aspect of how we do business, guiding us as we learn and grow, and helping us to improve our customer focus at every opportunity.


We treat each other with respect
and base our relationships on trust


We work collaboratively, and recognize
each other’s efforts


We are constantly learning,

training and innovating.


We seek win/win relationships and

communicate in a direct manner


We endeavor to maintain and protect
the well-being of our community.


We make decisions based on facts and
we take responsibility for our actions

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