LPG cylinders

LPG cylinders are distributed to our clients by means of our own distribution network as well as our authorized agents.

  • Butane Company provides LPG in 2, 11 and 15 Kg
  • Cylinders to its clients via our 20 major plants and 35 minor plants
  • LPG can be provided in bulk to clients who have a storage tanks installed in their facility.

Gas Cylinder

LPG cylinder gas is mainly supplied by the distribution agents, operators and representatives visiting the customer’s location. Customers are supplied according to their demands.

  • The gas is stored in 2, 11 and 50 kg containers.
  • Refilling the cylinders is executable in 20 main and 50 small facilities.

Benefits of using LPG in bulk form include the following:

  •  Reduction in frequency of ordering gas resulting in savings in time for our large consumers.
  • Having a larger storage facility full of LPG guarantees supplies for clients with critical demands.
  • We have the capability to design LPG standby plants such that in case of discontinuity in the supply of other fuels such as natural gas, LPG can be substituted.
  • An investment in bulk storage tanks will never be lost since this equipment has a high resale value

We recommend that clients who have the monthly LPG consumption of 200 Kg. or more should convert to a bulk LPG

Maintenance of client’s bulk LPG facilities

Periodical tests

Technical and safety units of Butane Company carry out periodical tests on bulk tanks and piping systems free of cost to our customers.

Serve customers

Our 20 major plants throughout the country serve customers in their locations in the shortest time frame.

Bulk LPG Usage

  • Bulk LPG is the safest and cleanest fuel useful in kitchens serving large number of people such as hotels, garrisons, restaurants, health, training and other public centers.
  • Bulk LPG is the main fuel for those factories with high quality standards.
  • Bulk LPG can act as a stand by fuel for natural gas users who face problems due to decrease pressure of shout downs of natural gas network. Bulk LPG is a suitable fuel for villas, touring, cultural and recreational establishments.
  • Bulk LPG is a suitable substitute for 11 and 50 Kg. cylinders.

The process of LPG distribution

The process of LPG distribution is very similar in most parts of the world. This process begins in a refinery or petrochemical plants, which produces LPG. The product is transported by means of road, rail and sea to storage and distribution centers. In these centers LPG is filled into cylinders which are the transported to consumers such as homes and businesses. Since LPG is highly flammable, its storage and transportation must be carried out with utmost safety precautions and in compliance with international

Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are pressurized containers in use in industrial and the service sectors with high level of consumption. Common sizes of storage tanks include 130, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 4500, 6565, 12000, 20000, 20800, 30000 Gallons.

LPG cylinders are pressurized containers with capacities ranging from 2, to 50 Kg.

Picnic stove with 2 kg cylinder

Goods used in the gas industry

Various types of regulators in different capacities and applications

Various types of pumps and compressors in different capacities

Various valves such as safety valves, excess flow valves, etc.

Various types of gas hose

Various types of evaporators and air-gas mixers

Providing technical and engineering services

Butane Company has been active in LPG field for more than half a century and has had one of the main roles in carrying out LPG transportation, storage, distribution and consumption regulation and standards in Iran. Relying on its strong background, Butane Company provides the following consulting, design and project implementation services to its customers

  •  LPG plants
  • Efficient combustion
  • Liquefied gas storage plants.
  • Storage plants for petroleum and refined products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil.
  • LPG plants for natural gas residential and industrial complexes.
  • LPG replacement to natural gas fuel system in case of natural gas cutting or disconnection.
  • LPG stand by systems for substituting natural gas in case of supply shortage.
  • Technical support and maintenance for LPG plants and transportation fleets.
  • Manufacture of special equipment and devices according to the order.

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